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For ENGLISH Shoppers

Please follow the step-by-step instructions below for navigating through the Shopping Cart and Check Out below.


1. Select the Key Chain of your Choice and CLICK on the image.


2. Select the number of items you would like and then Select "Add to Cart" as seen below.


3. If you are done, please select "Go to Cart". If you'd like to continue shopping, you can click anywhere in the grey area to go back to the shop page.


4. Check if your Order is correct and Enter a Coupon Code if you have one (press "使用" after entering the code). You can also leave a message or comment if necessary. Once ready, select "Proceed to Checkout". The Total price including Discount and Delivery Charge will be displayed on the last page.


5. At Check Out, start by entering all of your Shipping Information. (For Chinese Speakers, please enter your Name and Address in Chinese).

We currently Deliver to 1) America (アメリカ), 2) Australia (オーストラリア), 3) Canada (カナダ), 4) Taiwan (台湾), 5) Japan (日本), 6) Korea (韓国) , 7) Hong Kong (香港), 8) Singapore (シンガポール), 9) Malaysia (マレーシア), 10) Indonesia (インドネシア), 11) Thailand (タイ). If you currently reside elsewhere please email us at

Please select your country from the drop-down menu according to the list above.

* For American customers please click HERE for a list of the States in English-Japanese.

* For Australian customers please click HERE for a list of the Regions in English-Japanese.

* For Canadian customers please click HERE for a list of the Regions in English-Japanese.

* For Korean customers please click HERE for a list of the Regions in English-Japanese.

Check the box at the bottom if your Shipping and Billing address are the same.

Click NEXT.


6. In this page, you can select the Shipping Method. The options and fees will differ depending on your Country.

Once you have selected your preffered Shipping Option you can press "NEXT"

Please keep in mind that the "Regular" option is not insured and cannot be tracked thus we cannot

offer a refund if the product is lost or damaged.

The "EMS" and "Registered Letter" options are both insured and trackable.


7. Please select the Credit Card option (Offline Option is only available for Domestic customers).

Fill in all the information. Check the Total Price and then Press "Make Payment" (Once this button is clicked, payment will be made)


8. You're finally done!

Thank you for your order and check the for your Order Information.

You will be receiving a confirmaiton email shortly and we'll be posting your items to you ASAP (within 72 hours).

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at


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