Now, let's imagine the breathtaking view of the sky from the cabin.

When was the last time you were captivated

by the beauty of such a sky?

While peering through your small cabin window

I bet you were in awe of the formless,

ever-changing sea of clouds.


Your connections with people

which transpired beyond borders,  

new relationships, discoveries and the thrill.


The CREW was established in the hopes of sharing

even a fraction of that great feeling with

as many people as possible. 



 4 destinations of  The CREW --- ✈︎ ✈︎ ✈︎ 



  For those aspiring to be

                future crew members


 To those future crew members who are  dreaming of working in the airline  industory, The CREW will provide you with  hope and courage so that you can fulfill  your dreams. Please believe that  if you never give up and keep trying your

dreams will some day come true. 




For all those currently employed                   in the airline industry


For a flight to be successful it takes the energy and strength of many, as well as trust and belief in your fellow team members. To all those fellow lovers of the sky, we hope to shape those feelings into products that truly reflect the importance              and value of your love for flying. 


  For those former

                     crew members


All those memories of your experiences working and playing together with your former colleagues will never be forgotten.

Even though you have all gone down different paths, we will provide you with a reminder of that beautiful sky you once enjoyed together. 


 For those who love all things                related to the sky, planes,

                             and traveling  


 In this day and age, when almost anyone can  enjoy the thrill of flying.

 From child to adult, while traveling or  during your daily lives we would like to  offer you something that will inspire you

                                  to look to the sky.




MBE602  "The CREW"

Sunshine Building 60  1F, 3-1-1

Higashiikebukuro,Toshima-ku, Tokyo Japan 

Post code: 170-6001


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