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The CREWのKeychainで全ての人が空で繋がることを願って--- ✈︎


《 専用ギフトバッグのご注文はこちらから 》

A beautiful array of 5 types of blue flowers on a sky blue backdrop that resembles the sky that can been seen as you take-off and ascend through the clouds.
Whether it's sunny or rainy on the ground, we hope to provide you with a memento that will always remind you of that beautiful sky blue beyond the clouds.
We wish that through the use of our keychains, everyone will always be connected throughout the skies --- ✈︎

Blue Flowers Keychain

  • 表面にエポ樹脂をコーティングしているので、ツヤがあり、ぷっくりと指触りがいいのも特徴。

    本体:  縦 5.8cm 横 4.7cm  厚み 3mm

    チェーン部分込み: 11.7cm   素材: アクリル板


    ※ 商品の製法上、エポ樹脂内に気泡が含まれている事がございますのでご了承ください。

    ※ シルバーリングをエポ樹脂に強く当て過ぎると、跡が残ることがありますが、時間が経つと元の状態に戻ります。


    The keychain is coated with a special epo-resin which gives it a shiny look, plump rounded edges and is smooth to touch. 



    • Length (including chain & ring) : 11.7cm
    • Length (Plane Body) : 5.8cm
    • Width : 4.7cm
    • Thickness : 3mm

    Material: Acrylic



    ※ As a natural result of the epo-resin coating process, please be aware that tiny bubbles may be present in the coating.

    ※ The special epo-resin coating may become slightly dented if a key, the chain or the ring is pushed strongly against it, however, it will return to its original shape over time so don't worry.